Ron as Lawyer

Ron graduated from Harvard Law School in 1963 and practiced law in a variety of settings for 20 years including two law firms he founded. From 1974-1990 he was active in developing the field of divorce mediation and being a mediator. He also designed and implemented lawyer referral and other programs for bar associations aimed at the delivery of legal services to low and middle income individuals.  From 1983-1989 Ron worked at Harvard Law School providing public interest career planning advice to law students and alumni/ae. 

Since 1990 he has provided individual guidance to over 1000 lawyers and law students seeking satisfying positions consistent with their personal values and professional goals through the Center for Professional Development in the Law, which he founded. One of his services is advising lawyers (and law students) who would like to incorporate the core values of Judaism, such as pursuing justice and Tikkun Olam, as criteria as they search for satisfaction from their work in the legal profession. 

In addition, he consulted to and designed and presented workshops such as the ABA Public Service Division's "Town Meeting" for over 25 law schools as well as bar associations; co-facilitated a retreat on Legal Education Reform in April, 2001, at the Fetzer Institute in Kalamazoo, Michigan; is the author of “Lawful Pursuit: Careers in Public Interest Law” published by the ABA; and is the co-author of "Find Satisfaction in the Law - Taking Control Over Your Career and Your Life "  an internet column containing career related articles.




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