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Do you know what the fundamental writings of Judaism are?  Since there will be references to Jewish writings throughout this website, it would be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with many of them . Most of the material, including some history from about 2000 years ago, comes from notes taken from Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s book, Jewish Literacy.

Once you have completed that “assignment”, you might want to read some of the moral and ethical principles, values and laws found in these writings. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin refers to many of them as the “essence of Judaism”.


Then take the “Evaluating Your Jewish Life” Self-Assessment exercise which is a useful tool when considering the sources of your level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your current involvement with Judaism.


Now let’s get to work!!!!!


What issue would you like to address?


Is it a personal issue?

Are you interested in alternative ways to celebrate the holidays ?

Would you like to learn how to organize a Havurah  – a small non-institutional group with which to celebrate holidays and study together?

Would you like to create a dynamic Jewish Children’s Education  program?

Would you like to plan aBar/Bat Mitzvah ?

            Would you like to plan a Jewish or an Interfaith Marriage ?

             Are you a lawyer who is dissatisfied with your career?


Is it a community issue?

Would you like to learn more about and/or work with others to design a targeted Social Action Project ?

Would you like to discover worthwhile organizations to which to contribute financially or to which to give  Tzedakah?


Is it a global issue?

Do you want to learn more about and/or work with others in a project to help end the conflict in Iraq?

Do you want to examine Israel/Palestine issues in the light of Jewish ethical and moral teachings, principles and laws?

            Do you want to get involved in organizations taking action to try to end the Israel/Palestine conflict?


What can we do?


Together we have over seventy years experience designing, promoting and implementing personal, community and global programs and projects within and outside the Jewish community .


We are committed to helping you explore ways to find satisfaction, meaning and purpose from applying Judaism to your concerns and issues.


We would help you:

Review your Jewish experience;

Clarify the sources of your satisfaction and dissatisfaction;

Consider alternative approaches;

Compile relevant resources (books, articles, individuals, organizations);

Invite others with similar concerns to meet with you;

Plan an initial meeting;

Facilitate the meeting to define the project, set goals and objectives;

Develop a plan of action;

Promote the project;

Implement the project;

Evaluate the project; and

Revise the project as appropriate.


All with the hope and expectation that the result will be a sense of significant and vibrant living attributable to applying Jewish teachings to real-life concerns.

If you want to talk about your interest in any of the above,  contact us .


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