Israel/Palestine Action


While I do want to study more about what is happening in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, I would also like to try to help end the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  



In July, 1982, after Israel sent troops into Lebanon, we organized a debate at the local JCC on “Israel in Lebanon– Invasion or Self-Defense” attended by over 200.  Since its founding in January 2002 in NY, we have been active in the Tikkun Community helping to plan the yearly Teach-In and coordinating meetings and programs of the local New England Tikkun Community. We have also raised money to build a medical clinic in an unrecognized Bedouin village in Israel with whom we have built a sister community relationship.



Let us help you form or join an organization taking action to try to bring an end to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The apparent unified response on the part of Jewish institutions in support of whatever action the Israeli government takes often leads individuals to seek to perform Tikkun Olam in domestic areas within the United States . There is much satisfaction to be found in joining with others and realizing that there are many who strongly disagree with the stands being taken by those who the media contact and ask to speak for American Jews.  With our support you will:

  • Consider aspects of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict
  • Recruit and bring together participants
  • Choose an issue as a focus
  • Find relevant reading material
  • Talk to knowledgeable individuals
  • Learn about organizations doing similar work
  • Set goals and priorities for the first year
  • Design, plan and hold the first activity  - one which will make others aware of the issue, recruit others and be a positive step in remedying the situation  

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