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I am so upset about what is happening in Israel/Palestine and am especially critical of the government of Israel.  I think that the settlements and the occupation are immoral and possibly illegal. Whenever I try to talk about this with other Jewish people in my community including most of my family and friends, they get so angry and upset with me. There is no way in which I can hold a rational discussion. 



A number of years ago, two of us met while shopping and shared a similar frustration. We decided to do something about it and within a few weeks 10 of us gathered to talk about what was happening in Israel/Palestine. It is now 15 years later and we still meet once a month. We have accomplished our goal of finding a “safe” tolerant place to discuss a highly emotionally charged issue. 



Let us help you form a discussion group which will explore the issues surrounding the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  The group will not only tolerate criticism of the Israeli government but also further your awareness of paths to peace consistent with your values and beliefs. With our support you will:

  • Consider various study group structures
  • Recruit and bring together participants
  • Develop meeting guidelines and content
  • Find relevant reading material
  • Locate knowledgeable speakers
  • Schedule meetings for the first year
  • Design, plan and hold the first meeting - an interactive stimulating one with all views treated with respect and tolerance

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