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But being Jewish is not solely about what is happening in Israel, is it? There are so many other issues that concern me – housing, employment, education, civil rights, the environment and social justice generally.  



For over 30 years we have helped groups form and work on issues they believed were not being adequately addressed by their communities. 

Ron: coordinated political campaigns; helped organize a public housing tenants' union; sued on behalf of a peace activist teacher not rehired by a school system; ran programs for bar associations and founded three law firms aimed at delivering legal services to low and middle income clients; coordinated efforts of a divorce mediation association; created public interest career programs for Harvard Law School and other law school students; and counseled lawyers seeking satisfaction by making their work consistent with their personal and professional values.

Joan: organized and built a community residential center and alternative school for teenage boys; for twelve years designed and managed primary prevention programs for a community mental health center aimed  at minorities and others; for eighteen years designed, planned and implemented programs on issues of concern to women in non-profits and corporations, including Digital Equipment, Bell Atlantic, the Salem MA Chamber of Commerce and the US Department of Labor.



Let us help you form, or join, an organization to take action on an issue of critical importance to you.  Unfortunately, many local Jewish institutions consider the most pressing domestic and international issues as "not Jewish causes” unless they are about Israel , anti-Semitism or the holocaust. Jewish writings and history refute this.  You are likely to find great appeal and satisfaction when you try to make the world a little better place and your efforts in education, housing, employment, the environment, civil rights, etc.,  are based on fundamental Jewish teachings, traditions, values and beliefs. With our support, you will:

  • Consider a range of issues
  • Recruit and bring together others with similar interests
  • Choose an issue as a focus
  • Find relevant reading material
  • Talk to knowledgeable individuals
  • Learn about other organizations doing similar work
  • Create an institution or join one
  • Set goals and priorities for the first year
  • Design, plan and hold the first activity - one which raises awareness, recruits others and is a positive step in efforts to eliminate the root causes of the problem

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